A little about Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT) and MLT on CNN last week

Hey everyone!  I want to take a few moments to write about an organization that I am part of called  Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT).  I’ve written about the program before, but I’m giving them a bit of special recognition for two reasons. (1) Because I recently finished MLT’s MBA Prep program this June and (2) because MLT was recently hosted on CNN’s Black in America series last week. 

I am definitely fortunate to have been part of MLT as an MBA applicant, the program is  top notch. Click here to see a clip from CNN that says the same thing. 

In terms of the mission of MLT, here is a blurb from the website: “MLT’s MBA Prep prepares early-career professionals for admission to top MBA programs and to make successful post-MBA career transitions. Individual coaching, seminars led by admissions officers, relationship- and skill-building workshops, mentoring from alumni, and in-depth boot camps led by corporate partners are all part of this highly successful program.”

Practically speaking, the program took place over an 18-month period.  In that time, I spent lots of time with my cohort, my individual coach, and my MLT friends, and together we visited campuses, interacted with current MBA students, reflected on personal goals, studied for the GMAT, wrote essays, and met with partner companies and admissions representatives. It was definitely a rigorous experience balancing the program with work, especially as a consultant, but it was well-worth when I got into a couple of really great schools and feel like I have a good head start to accelerate my career.

I just finished my MLT year in June, along with about 150 other fellows. The majority of the fellows got into one of their top choice programs—“overall today there are over 500 total MBA Prep Alumni, 90+% get into one of their top three business school choices, and most attend top 10 business schools.”

My cohort members were located in Boston and upper New York. There were about a dozen of us all from VERY different professional backgrounds and with very different professional interests. But the common denominator is that everyone is headed to great schools this fall, including Wharton, Booth (multiple), Kellogg (multiple), Tuck (multiple), Columbia, and others. We definitely had a lot of talented applicants.

In general, MLT has lots of kids going to these and other top schools this year. Additionally, MLT also sent a lot of kids to Kellogg this year, which I personally am excited about, it will be great to have a lot of friends down in Evanston.

If you are interested in MLT, you should definitely consider applying. Information sessions are happening all over the US in August for applicants who want to apply in 2010/2011 and graduate in 2013. Take a look at the website and see if any sessions are in your geography. Also, feel free to email me or post any questions about the program here on my blog.

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August 12, 2009

Hi! thanks for the information about the program. I am an aspiring MLT fellow. My questions may be a bit generic so I apologize in advance, but what were your biggest challenges while in the program (if any), and what advice do you have for someone trying to get accepted in MLT

August 14, 2009

@Anonymous–No problem on providing the information. I definitely enjoyed my experience in the program and think very highly of it. I would recommend that everyone who qualifies at least consider applying to MLT. Here are a few comments in response to your inquiry:

The biggest challenge about MLT is how to manage your time, at least for those working full-time. The curriculum for the MBA Prep program is very rigorous, and you're expected to do everything on time and with high quality. While at times it can be frustrating, it's imperative to remember that every minute you spend doing better work for MLT, then the better off you are during application season. It also prepares you for the rigor of b-school where you will be balancing classes, career prospects, activities, and friends.

It follows that an interested applicant to MLT should put out a really good application, in my opinion of similar quality that you would any job application. While students definitely tend to be more raw with some MLT materials than with b-school applications, the better material you submit the better chance you have at being accepted. This is especially true if you have big weaknesses in your profile (gpa, leadership, community, essays, GMAT).

A second piece of advice is to dig deep when writing your essays for acceptance to MLT. It's funny but looking back at my MLT application 18 months later, the topics I wrote about and the careers I mentioned are strikingly similar to those in many of the b-school essays I wrote a year later. This was definitely not true for everyone.

Hope this helps a little. Happy to chat more about MLT as needed. Just let me know.


November 25, 2009

Hey Jeremy,

Thanks for this write up. I really appreciate it. I wanted to know if I could get some information from you. I just learned that I was accepted into the MLT MBAP Program for Class of 2011. As a married candidate, I wanted to gain some insight regarding some of the curriculum requirements as they relate to the homework assignments, as well as any other responsibilities outside of the scope of the mandatory seminar sessions and coaching calls.

I think that the program will be very beneficial to my success, and I look forward to being a part of such a wonderful organization.



November 26, 2009

@Jay–Hi Jay. First off, congrats on being accepted into MLT. That's a really big accomplishment. I suspect you will be part of a really competitive class, given the nature of how things are shaping up this year.

Overall, the only thing I know for certain is that the curriculum changes pretty significantly every year. MLT does a really good job at incorporating feedback from its fellows and putting its next class in the best positions to succeed. As such, I can't really guarantee all the specifics of the program.

That said, however, i can say it will likely be at leat a little challenging to get through through the program. The workload will take some getting used to and the weekend work might feel unfamiliar. But the good news is that everything will serve the greater purpose of helping you with your applications and preparing you for interviews once application season comes.

For us, most of my cohort in MLT, while in the program, didn't spend much time complaining or thinking about the demands. Rather we saw the assignments as a good time to work together and learn as much as we could in the process.

December 3, 2009


Thanks for the insight. I have been studying quite a bit for the GMAT since Labor Day, and am hopeful and confident that I will nail the score that I need to be competitive in the first couple of attempts to somewhat counter any of the other responsibilities that I may have while in the program. Every person that I speak to about the program indicates that it is a very rewarding experience, so I am glad to hear your echo those thoughts.

Happy Holidays,


December 4, 2009

@Jay–No worries Jay. Yeah, you're going to have a great time and meet a lot of great friends in MLT. Congratulations again. Also, best of luck with the GMAT. Hopefully it will be water under the bridge for you soon. All the best.

January 17, 2011

PLEASE HELP… (I know this is an old post, but I have a quick question)
I was recently accepted into the MLT program, but will not receive my official scores by the deadline of February 1st. I expect my score to be well above the minimum requirement for entry into the program (500), and need either- an extension, or provisionally sustained enrollment until the end of February.

Do you think this would be possible??? I do not want to pass up on this opportunity OR to postpone all of my plans for another year… Who should I talk to about this?

Thank you!

Jeremy C Wilson
January 18, 2011

@Hop Hi Hop,

Thanks for your note and congratulations on getting accepted in the MLT program. It really is a great accomplishment.

In regards to your question, I’ve responded in a separate email, so please have a look when you get a moment. But I will quickly note one thing. MLT is structured like an MBA program in terms of the admissions process. Its deadlines are real, and the application process is meant to be rigorous. That means applicants should do their best to adhere to the deadlines and meet all the requirements. Getting used to the structure will be very helpful once you apply to business school and once you arrive on campus.


January 19, 2011

@ Hop: I just found out I got into the MLT Program last week. I have never taken the GMAT before and even if I were to take it tomorrow, the official scores would not get to MLT before 20 days.

@ Jeremy: Great blog. I would like to read more about your response to Hop’s question.

Jeremy C Wilson
January 20, 2011

@DA Hi DA,

Thanks for reading and for your kind comments about the website. A couple things: 1. The original email that I sent Hop was more personal. 2. As a result of your email I decided to respond formally in a new post. Hopefully this will not only be helpful to both you and Hop but also to others who apply in the future and face the same GMAT hurdle.

Here is a link to the post. http://jeremycwilson.com/?p=829 The overall takeaway is that the MLT guidelines are important and that MLT usually sticks to them though sometimes there are exceptions.

Best of luck,

[…] MLT on CNN HERE  […]

July 18, 2012

Congratulations on all of your success! Thank you for the site as well. I am a student looking to join the MLT MBA prep program. You shed some light on this earlier, however I wanted to ask about specific challenges to expect during the interview process, what were some of the key things that you thought helped you enter the program? Additionally, can you expand on the process for applying to B-school once in the program? Did MLT help you find the best medium of entering you desired B-school or was it up to you to develop your own application? Any feedback would be extremely helpful.

Jeremy C Wilson
August 3, 2012

@Jamaal Hi Jamal,

Thanks for stopping by our website, and thanks for your comments and questions. Let me know if you’d like to catch up live on a few of these questions. I know a number of people currently working on their MLT applications. You can email me directly at INFO – AT – JEREMYCWILSON.COM


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