Applicant Question: How Did MLT Help with Career Goals?

On January 13, 2012, in Business School, by Jeremy C Wilson

I talk a lot about MLT here on my blog. Not only because I went through the program a few years ago, but also because I think very highly of the organization. They help you think about graduate school. Force you to think not just about business school but also post business school. And perhaps most importantly they also encourage you to think a lot about future career goals. Well, in a recent question during my BeatTheGmat chat series I recently got a question about MLT from one of the attendees.

In a recent chat on BeatTheGmat, I got a question about MLT. I sure was glad to see it when it came through. I only wish I had more time to talk about it during the chat, as sometimes things can feel rushed. Anyhow, see below for the question. And below that for my response.

In reviewing your blog I noticed that you are an MLT alum. Can you explain how MLT helped you determine that Kellog and the JD-MBA program was the right? Furthermore, did MLT help you hone in on your career goals based on your experiences and interests?
Thanks for your insight and time!


That’s correct! I am a very proud MLT alum and can’t say enough positive things about the organization. One great thing about MLT is that it ensures you spent a lot of time reflecting and thinking about fit schools and industries. Even its application questions are centered around those things. They ask, what are your post-MBA short and long term career goals? How will an MBA help you achieve those goals? And what research have you done to determine that the MBA makes sense?The great thing about the MBA application process and MLT is that it forces you to think a lot about who you are, what you’re good at, and what you want to do in your career. Outside of these experiences, it’s hard to carve out a lot of time (e.g. months) to think about these things. So in the end, I’d say that the MBA application process… and even moreso MLT are extremely valuable experiences.

For me, those experiences were valuable as they helped me determine that the JD-MBA program was the right program for me.

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