Reasons to Go Back to Business School

A lot of people think about going back to business school, but not all of them actually do. Some defer their admissions for a year.  Others wait until later years to apply. And some people never actually end up applying at all.   But no matter which category you fit in, many of you have still probably considered going back to school. And as such, I thought I’d brainstorm the reasons why some people consider going back

A couple of things to note. First, the list is not comprehensive. There are plenty of other reasons other people might rely on when making the decision. Second, some of the reasons might be more applicable to you than others. Likewise, some probably dont’ apply to many applicants at all. And finally, any combination of reasons could also be relevant to you. And in my case, a couple of the reasons came to mind when I was applying. Either way, I thought it’d be fun and entertaining to share that list here with you.

Without further ado, below is the list. Do any of these reasons apply to you?

  1. You want to increase your earning power and make more money when you graduate
  2. To increase your pedigree
  3. To improve your business profile if you have a non traditional business background
  4. Get a two year vacation, especially if you’re sponsored
  5. You have a lot of money and think business school will be a fun experience
  6. Other people that you admire went so you want to follow in their footsteps
  7. You spent so much time applying that you feel like you have to now
  8. Your company requires an MBA to advance at the company
  9. Because your significant other is going back to school too
  10. To hide from a recession
  11. You lost your job due to the economy so need a way to fill the time
  12. You lost your job due to performance but happen to have a good profile
  13. You want to switch careers and find it hard otherwise
  14. You don’t want to keep specializing at your job and can broaden your horizons at school again
  15. You want to learn the language of business and/or finance and school is the best way to do that
  16. To get ties to a new city or new region
  17. To reflect on your goals and aspirations and find a way to pursue them
  18. You want to build a network as a budding entrepreneur
  19. You  want time to work on your start-up as an entrepreneur
  20. You want to start a company and need resources
  21. Want to improve your education background
  22. You want to change the world
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