December is the season where a lot of MBA applicants are looking for that one special gift. A call from admissions committees telling them they’ve been admitted to their favorite MBA programs. As such, applicants begin to focus more on their applications and prepare intensely for interviews. Unfortunately, executing a good interview is a difficult task.  Like just about every meeting you’ve ever had, an MBA interview can take an innumerable number of twists and turns, so it’s imperative that you go into your interview prepared. ... More >>


2011 Summer Job Hunt Begins

On December 23, 2010, in Consulting, by Jeremy C Wilson

Although we’ve been taking part in lots of recruiting events over the past few weeks, the summer job hunt seems to finally be picking up now that ski trip is over. How important is it to find the right summer job, you ask? Well, that answer depends on who you ask. While some people are okay recruiting again going into their second year, others are dead set on that coveted consulting, banking, or brand management job they’ve been seeking for years now. For them, the hunt is on. ... More >>


Guest Post: Finding Employment In Any Economy

On December 22, 2010, in Guest Posts, by Jeremy C Wilson

Finding a job in any economy can be a daunting task, let alone now, when the economy has been declining and people have been holding onto their current jobs longer than in recent history.  In business school, the job search process has always taken up a significant portion of the MBA experience as students invest dozens of hours, if not significantly more, to ensure they get a job they are happy with. But what about those who haven’t found their dream jobs yet? And what about everyone that’s not currently enrolled in MBA programs? Well, no matter which group you belong to, this guest post, by Mark Davies (from onlinemastersdegree)  may be helpful to you in your search. ... More >>


First Set of Final Exams at Kellogg

On December 21, 2010, in Careers, by Jeremy C Wilson

Just before Ski Trip, the fall term ended with final exams in all of our first quarter classes. In just about all of our classes, exams are open book and last for a three-hour period.  In most classes professors told us that if you’ve been coming to class and put the hours in during exam period, that everything would be just fine. But the question on everyone’s mind was, is that really true? ... More >>


The Weeks Before Ski Trip

On December 20, 2010, in Business School, by Jeremy C Wilson

At long last, the holiday break is finally here. But getting here wasn’t necessarily a piece of cake. Shortly before the holiday break, students began to disappear from Jacobs and started to focus much more on final exams.  And despite the fact that business school is often referred to as two-year vacation, many people actually spent a lot of time studying during the final couple of weeks, ... More >>


Merger Article: Halloween Week At Kellogg

On December 18, 2010, in Business School, by Jeremy C Wilson

Hi everyone, it’s been a few days since my last post. That’s because the past few weeks at Kellogg have been pretty hectic. With two weeks before the end of the quarter, Kellogg recruiting events picked up pretty significantly.  The week after that, classes ended. After that, we had final exams. Then this past week, nearly 800 Kellogg students headed out to Aspen for the Kellogg Skip Trip. And in between, we still had to attend classes, take part in any student activities we might be involved in, and continue to go to recruiting events. ... More >>


Applicant Question: Tips for MBA Admissions Interviews

On December 5, 2010, in Business School, by Jeremy C Wilson

Every person applying to business school has both good and bad parts of their application. So as an applicant, it’s in your interest to not only to formally submit a strong application but also to submit one that both highlights the good parts, while also mitigating the bad parts. One way to do that is by delivering a strong interview, especially at schools, like Kellogg, where everyone gets a chance to interview with the admissions committee (or alumni/students who represent the admissions committee). ... More >>


The JD-MBA Revolution

On December 3, 2010, in Law School, by Jeremy C Wilson

There is a new movement taking place in the world of business education, which seeks to combine some of the world’s most challenging business problems with other problems in the world. One way it’s doing that is by combining the challenging business and legal problems in JD-MBA programs. The JD-MBA program is an accelerated course of study that allows students to graduate from business and law school in three years. And it not only allows them to take courses in business and law, but also then also work in areas such as finance, entrepreneurship, business law, real estate and an endless number of other professions. ... More >>


Few companies can be said to represent the spirit of an entire generation. Well one of those companies is Facebook, as the company has not only transformed the way people use the Internet, but also the way people fundamentally interact with others on a daily basis. Recently, the movie Social Network portrayed the story behind the founding Facebook, and the move is a hit across many college campuses. The movie was also a hit here at Northwestern, as one of the main characters played in the movie, Divya Narendra, is one of my fellow classmates here in the Northwestern JD-MBA program, class of 2012. ... More >>


Happy Thanksgiving! Grateful for Access to Information

On November 25, 2010, in Other Blogs, by Jeremy C Wilson

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I hope that you’re having an enjoyable holiday not only filled with delicious food but also filled with good friends and time with family. On Thanksgiving, most people hop into their cars to drive, or set away in overpriced seats in the crowded skies to join their families and celebrate while watching movies, parades, and football games. And during the day, they also express all the things they’re  thankful for.  But in addition to being thankful for many of the personal things above, many of us also have a lot to be thankful for professionally. ... More >>


This post is part of my focus on answering applicant questions during the MBA and JD-MBA admissions process, something I’ve been concentrating on for the past year and a half now.  In my view, there has been an increasing need for such collaboration and information sharing, not only for the MBA admissions process, but especially for the JD-MBA admissions process, given the lack of information on the programs and on the process of applying to those programs. ... More >>


New Diggs at Kellogg

On November 21, 2010, in Uncategorized, by Jeremy C Wilson

If you Google any top business school today, you’re almost guaranteed to find a story that talks about the school’s new building. While this may not be the main factor MBA applicants use to decide on where to attend school, in today’s high-tech global business environment, the best applicants not only want a top tier education, they also want a state-of-the-art facility. ... More >>


Despite the fact that many people have already applied to business school this year, the round two deadline is still just a few weeks away. As a result, I’ve been sharing interview and admissions tips over the past few weeks. In one post, I talked about how to get started and think about framing your essays. (click here to read) And in a second post, I discussed how to stand out so the admissions committee remembers you (click here to read). ... More >>


Student Lunch with Kellogg’s Professor Hennessey

On November 18, 2010, in Careers, by Jeremy C Wilson

Just two weeks ago, I had the great pleasure of having lunch with one of Kellogg’s most regarded professors, Professor Julie Hennessy. Not only was it a great chance to talk with one of Kellogg’s revered marketing experts but it was also a way to get her thoughts on the leading companies in the industry and some of the innovative marketing strategies they’re employing in the future. ... More >>


2010 Annual Kellogg Marketing Competition

On November 15, 2010, in Business School, by Jeremy C Wilson

Convincing someone to buy buy your product can be difficult. Not only do you need to sell yourself, while not coming off as too much of a salesperson but you also need to sell your product, while not forcing people to buy something they may not want or need. And it’s even more difficult when you have to sell a product you may not know that well, such as cereal, detergent, or mouthwash. It’s a delicate balancing act. Well, a lot of students had to manage that balance at Kellogg just last Friday, as that was the weekend for the Annual Kellogg Marketing Competition. ... More >>


The world of MBA admissions is demanding. Not only do you have to submit materials that prove you’re a world-class candidate, but you also have to figure out a way to stand out from the rest of the applicants and ensure that the admissions committee remembers you.  Unfortunately, standing out can sometimes feel like an impossible feat, especially now, where the number of applicants have been rising by double digits and where the caliber of applicants is as good as it’s ever been. ... More >>


Businessweek 2010 MBA Rankings

On November 13, 2010, in Careers, by Jeremy C Wilson

Over the past few years, six-figure jobs out of business school have become harder and harder to obtain given the way the economic environment has impacted MBA recruiting.  With that in mind, applicants have recently become more concerned than ever about MBA rankings. For the typical applicant, being in a higher ranked school not only impacts the way colleagues will perceive them when they graduate but more importantly the way employers will read their resumes during the recruiting process. But there’s just one problem. Given the large number of sources of MBA rankings, most of which disagree with each other and use different methodologies to rank, how do you know which rankings are correct? ... More >>

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Yesterday morning, the new Dean of Kellogg Sally Blount, made an appearance at Kellogg Preview Weekend to welcome the perspective students to campus. Not only was it great for prospectives to meet the dean in person, but it was also inspiring for them to see a woman at the top of the helm, especially at a diversity weekend event. ... More >>

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Midterms Are Over at Kellogg

On November 5, 2010, in Business School, by Jeremy C Wilson

At long last. Midterm week in our first quarter at Kellogg is finally over. Although most students here did not spend the entire time immersed in their books and outlines, there was certainly a difference in the energy here on campus.  In large part, students spent less time hanging out on campus, spent more time reading and doing problem sets in study rooms, and walked around campus with more purpose and less time to chat. But this doesn’t come as a surprise. After all, some people are recruiting for banking and consulting, where sometimes grades can factor in. ... More >>

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Given the dynamic of our internet-driven society, professionals operate in a more distracting world than ever before.  As a result, being productive has become increasingly more difficult, and sometimes it can feel impossible because you feel pulled in so many different directions.  And that’s especially true in business school, where there’s pressure to take on more, incentive to stay out with friends longer, and avenues to stay busy every minutes of the day. Well, in a recent question from one of my regular readers, I was asked if it’s even possible to stay productive in that environment. ... More >>

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