Rosario Dawson is not just a beautiful actress—she also co-founded Voto Latino, a non-partisan group that advocates for Hispanic voters and voter education. She recently held her 1st annual Power Summit Conference out in Los Angeles, where she talked about voter education and bringing people in the community together. She and some of her friends/supporters were also kind enough to give their thoughts on why education matters.

This activist credits education with everything she has: “The more I know, the more choices I have, the more things I can experience and enjoy, understand, compare, the richer my life becomes,” Dawson says.

Dawson is not satisfied to just sit back and enjoy a celebrity lifestyle—rather, she uses her status to promote multiple causes and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to reach the same heights she was able to reach.

See below for her #EducationMatters video. And below that for a few other videos.

Rosario Dawson


David Hernandez


Jennifer Castilla


Steve Alvacan


Thank you Rosario and Voto Latino for sharing your ideas with us!

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