Writing it down

On April 9, 2012, in Careers, by Jeremy C Wilson

Have you ever had an idea that you knew was good, but forgot about it later in the day. What about an email you wanted to send or call you wanted to make, to make progress on an idea you were working on. It’s happened to me and I’m willing to bet it’s happened to you too. But one way you can avoid missing big ideas is by simply writing them down.

This post comes to me ironically because it happened to me yesterday. I had a great idea for a blog post. I came up with it on my way to the gym. Thought about the concept during my workout and was ready to write something great when I got back. But just when I got home an hour later, I realized that I couldn’t remember it anymore. And it’s been bugging me all day today.

Every time this happens, it reinforces the idea that writing down your idea can be powerful. Even if it’s just a rough note to help you remember. Today, we’re busier than we’ve ever been before. We’re also inundated with more content, more people and more noise than any time in history. In some cases writing down an idea or a reminder will be the only way you will remember.

And while right now you might feel like going out of your way to do this isn’t worth the effort, the one time you have a great idea that you forget just hours later, I guarantee you won’t feel the same.


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