The Education Matters Project Joins Rosario Dawson and Voto Latino at Power Summit

Just a few hours from now, more than more than 300 participants will come together in downtown Los Angeles California in an event that most will consider an amazing opportunity. A chance where many of the attendees will not only leave the weekend with new friends and new ideas, but many will also leave with inspiration and hope to take action in their communities.

The Voto Latino conference that is taking place this weekend in Southern California. So I’m spending the weekend out in Los Angeles, CA along with the Education Matters Project to speak on a panel at Voto Latino’s Power Summit. As the 2012 election campaign season is under way, VotoLatino is launching their first annual conference to give participants the skills they need to organize.

Organized by Rosario Dawson and Maria Theresa Kumar¬†VotoLatino’s goal is to¬†empowers American Latinos to claim a better future by voting and bringing their voices into the political process.

This two-day event at the University of Southern California’s Davidson Conference Center will educate, engage and empower young Latinos from across the country to create positive change in their communities. Leaders will receive training from public officials, artists, grassroots organizers, and business leaders in new media, public speaking, activism and community organizing. Participants will also be the first to preview our new technology that will revolutionize the voter registration process.

With the election campaign in full force, there’s never been a better time to bring everyone together to discuss voting, having a voice and the education matters campaign.

Saturday, April 14th, 2012 Education

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