Neither failure nor success

On April 7, 2012, in Careers, by Jeremy C Wilson

You can fail. You can succeed. And you can do neither. Those are usually the three options. Many people do one of the three and most do some combination of the three.

It’s funny how it works. You can fail over and over again. No matter how hard you try.  But one day, it all changes. You succeed and things change. And sometimes all you need is just one HUGE success to build a really big career.

Like going 0 for 5 in law school applications but finally getting a BIG acceptance to your top school. Or like striking out with all your investors but then, one of them finally decides to invest after all.

If this is true, then the “neither” is the worst category. Because if you spend your time doing “neither”, then you won’t have a chance for success.  You’ll never have a shot at that HUGE success that you get if you can just survive the failing.

The interesting thing is that we all know this. But we still avoid failure at all costs.

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