Storytelling: Jessica Jackley, Kiva and Ted

After weeks thinking about the storytelling platform I’m working on, I’ve recently started looking around online at other platforms that exist. They span across industries, geographies, business models and schools. Additionally, some platforms don’t resemble typical storytelling platforms today. Instead they do things that are much broader and much more multidimensional than they originally envisioned. I propose the idea that this is proof of the power of good stories not only to inspire people but also to help them take action and create change in the world.

One video about storytelling that I really like is the TED video by Jessica Jackley, Poverty, Money and Love. Watch the video below to see the power that both young people and MBAs can have by following their passion and believing in great stories. In this case, Jessica explains “that Kiva is really about stories. It’s about retelling the stories of the poor.” (see 9:30 for this part).  The core values that mattered to Jessica were struggle, progress, hope, respect, and optimism. Jessica called for us all not only to listen to the stories of others but also to take part in them.

And she ends with an enormously compelling two minutes, including a statement where she comes to tears at the end:

“For me, the best way to be inspired to try is to stop and to listen to someone else’s story. And I’m grateful that I’ve gotten to do that here at TED. And I’m grateful that whenever I do that, guaranteed, I am inspired — I am inspired by the person I am listening to. And I believe more and more every time I listen in that that person’s potential to do great things in the world and in my own potential to maybe help. And that — forget the tools, forget the moving around of resources — that stuff’s easy. Believing in each other, really being sure when push comes to shove that each one of us can do amazing things in the world, that is what can make our stories into love stories and our collective story into one that continually perpetuates hope and good things for all of us. So that, this belief in each other, knowing that without a doubt and practicing that every day in whatever you do, that’s what I believe will change the world and make tomorrow better than today. Thank you.”

Storytelling is not only my interest but also my passion. This was also the main theme of Jessica’s talk. I hope you’ll consider watching.


Wednesday, February 1st, 2012 Leadership

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