2011 Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards in Chicago

Issues in the Hispanic community are more important than ever before.  Over the past decade the Latino population has increased from about 35 million in 2000 to over 50 million in the 2010, according to census data I found. So not only are there more Latinos around in the US today but more Latinos are also doing great things than ever. In hopes of recognizing their achievement, the Hispanic Heritage Foundation is hosting a series of award ceremonies around the US. And in late January, one of them will be here in Chicago.

In January, a number of Latino and Latino high school students will attend the Hispanic Heritage Youth awards. Latino and Latina High School juniors across America applied to Youth Awards program, offered and presented by the Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF) just months ago.  And recently, the 2011 nominees were chosen.  They will be awarded their awards here in Chicago on January 28.

Recipients were selected for their accomplishments in school, in the community, and one of the six categories: Business, Community Service, Education, Engineering & Mathematics, Healthcare, and Science.  In addition to being awarded grants for college, recipients will also be invited to serve as role models for younger peers through HHF programming.

What a great program! I look forward to attending along with a few friends that I know from the foundation. I also look forward to meeting some of this year’s recipients and hopefully serving as a resource as they start thinking about attending college.

A bit more information about the foundation:

The Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF) is a 501c3, nonprofit which leverages programs and influential relationships to meet America’s priorities in the classroom, community and workforce for the Hispanic population. HHF provides role models, cultural pride and a promising future through public awareness campaigns and special events. Additionally, HHF was celebrating their 25 Anniversary in 2011 and is looking forward to a greater impact on the Latino community next year.

I’ll be attending this ceremony as an advisor of HHF. Specifically I help Loft (e.g. Latinos On Fast Track) with New Media. LOFT is an initiative of HHF focused on providing workforce with emerging Latino professionals. Not only does LOFT have tens of thousands of members but its also in the process of creating the LOFT social network now, which is how I got involved.

In any event, please spread the word about these awards so people you know can apply in future years. And please spread the word about the efforts that HHF is putting forth in the community. Because in the end, Hispanic residents continue to have greater and greater impact on the economy. And with the right leadership for organizations including HHF, the world will be much better off a decade from now.

Thanks for your support!

** Note that this is NOT an open event, and attendance is by invitation only.

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011 Education

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[...] hours ago, my colleagues at the Hispanic Heritage Foundation and LOFT Institute awarded 18 students scholarships after a tough application process. They [...]

[...] colleagues at the Hispanic Heritage Foundation and LOFT Institute awarded 18 students scholarships after a tough application process. They [...]

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