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Charlie Rose Exclusive Interview With Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg and Mark Zuckerber

Few companies can be legitimately claim to be the most popular company on the planet.  Well one company that can is Facebook, as the organization is not only big here in the US but also present all across the world. The worldwide recognition of Facebook has totally changed communication all over the world. People of all ages use Facebook in almost every country imaginable. They connect with people that live continenents away.  And they create conversations with people from all over the world.   Well, given Facebook’s prominence, the Facebook CEO and COO recently did an interview with Charlie Rose.

Just last week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg were interviewed by Charlie Rose on his show.  In the 54 minute special interview, Charlie Rose asked questions we’re all curious about and asked them to talke a little bit more about Facebook.

Sheryl and Mark have been in the media a lot these days. Personally, I like Sheryl. From what I’ve seen in interviews, she comes off as passionate about the industry and company and she also spends a lot of time thinking about social issues, such as women’s careers.  She also usually comes off as bright and accomplished, which is what you’d expect from the COO of a company like Facebook.

That said, it’s clear here, that Mark was handling most of the interview. That he took control of more of the tough questions. And that on more than one occasion, he made sure to add to responses after Sheryl.

It’s also clear that the two have very different styles. On one hand,  Sheryl comes off as energetic, has more of a “Capital Hill” personality, and goes out of her to way to display good camaraderie with Mark Zuckerberg. She also has good presence and clearly enjoys the idea of public speaking. On the other hand, Zuckerberg has a more dominant personality and took more control during the interview. It was also clear that he’s a bit more foreful and a bit less comfortable on the camera, though probably better here than he’s been in times past.

But one thing they did both had was a belief in the company mission. That Facebook’s desire to make the world more connected and open really came through during the entire discussion. Another takeaway from the interview was that Facebook’s strategy was more focused than competitors. That it wanted to do one thing well – connect people better –  whereas competitors often get spread too thin by doing too many things. And finally, I also noticed that they spent a lot of time discussing Facebook’s goal of being seen as more transparent. That it cared deeply about data privacy issues and wanted to ensure that everyone else knew about this value.

To see more of the dynamics between the two and to hear more about their thoughts on Facebook, see the video below.


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