Top Employers of Kellogg MBAs Last Year

We’re finally in the midst of spring quarter here at Kellogg. For most that means recruiting is finally over, and we finally get a chance to have some fun for  a couple of weeks before starting our summer jobs.  But in spite of all of our free time, many of us have still been thinking a lot about what we’ll be doing for the summer and if we’ll end up liking it. Likewise, I too have been thinking a lot about the summer.  And because I’ve been looking at the careers report recently, I thought it’d be interesting to share some data I found on how things have shaped up over the past year.

Like many of you, I was under the impression that internship and summer employers had a fair amount of overlap. But before running the numbers, I didn’t quite realize how much overlap they had. Likewise, I also suspected that more full-time offers were given out than internship offers. But that too is much more clear now after organizing the data. And finally, I also knew that most people here went into the Big 3 industries – consulting, banking and marketing. But I didn’t quite realize how much consulting and marketing dominated until actually finishing up some of the numbers.

Here below I’ve listed the Top 10 recruiters of full-time jobs and internships last year at the Kellogg School of Management. And below that, I included a few notes about the data.

** Various @ 5 hires includes AT Kearny, Accenture, Barclays Capital, Baxter, Danaher, Deloitte, General Mills, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, PRTM Management Consultants


** Various @ 7 hires includes AT Kearny, Accenture, and Goldman Sachs

A few pieces of analysis/ information

1. On average, the big three consulting firms hired 25% more full time consultants than interns.  When considering these numbers, also note that the pool of interviewees is also different, as it doesn’t include those who were happy with their summer internships at other companies and did not recruit in their second year.

2. Of the three consulting firms, Bain is the only one that hired less full time than for internships. This is more an interesting fact than anything else, as the others had a pretty significant increase in their full time hiring.

3. Deloitte and Booz did not make the Top 10 list for summer internship employers, but they place #4 and #5 respectively on the full time list. This suggests that both firms hire a lot more full time MBAs than they do for the summer. So aspiring consultants might be inclined to recruit their during their second year.

4. If you look at all the consulting firms in the top ten, there were 36 more jobs for those who recruited full time than for those who sought out internships. That represents a 41% increase.

5. Overall, the top ten employers hired 23 more students, an 18% increase, suggesting that the big employers enjoying coming back to Kellogg a second time in the fall to scoop up a few extra MBAs. However, this does not take into account that multiple employers tied for #10 for both summer and full time employers.

6. For full time employers, only one financial services firm (Goldman Sachs) made the top 10 employer list. For summer internships, three made the top 10 list (Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Barclays Capital). This is inclusive of having multiple employers tied for #10 on each list.

7. And finally, one of my biggest observations was that there were not any nonprofits in the top ten. Not that this came as a surprise. I suspect that the same is true for all the top business schools. On the other hand, think about how things might look in society if one, even two, of the employers here were nonprofits or government agencies. Could be interesting.

Stay tuned for similar posts in the near future!

Sunday, May 8th, 2011 Business School, Careers

5 Comments to Top Employers of Kellogg MBAs Last Year

Dozie Azotam
May 8, 2011

Hi Jeremy,

Good posts, one other piece of information. For FT recruiting one major difference is that part-time students recruit with 2nd year students so though it may appear as if there are more opportunities that is not necessarily the truth since most of the part-time students cannot do internships but recruit in droves for FT

Jeremy C Wilson
May 8, 2011

@Dozie Azotam

Dozie – Excellent point! I hadn’t thought of that before. Thanks for pointing it out.

Jeremy C Wilson
May 9, 2011

Here below is a message I received on Twitter from @nirajvpatel:

@jeremycwilson good analysis, but be careful comparing 2010 FT class with class of 2011 interns. economic conditions were much different

@jeremycwilson and i suspect intern offers to 2011 students were made with the thought economy would rebound by the time they graduate

@jeremycwilson FT hiring for class of 2010 was generally more conservative in my opinion

Jeremy C Wilson
May 9, 2011

@Jeremy C Wilson

Hi Nirav

Thanks for the comment. You make a very good point. Economic conditions and projected conditions certainly have a big impact on recruiting. I may try this for a ten year span to see if the numbers shape up similarly.


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