Kellogg School of Management LipDub 2011

On April 14, 2011, in Business School, by Jeremy C Wilson

After a grueling winter quarter at Kellogg, where we spent most of our time recruiting and in meetings trying to finish group assignments, the spring quarter at Kellogg has been quite a bit of  fun. Not only are more people done searching for jobs, but they are also ready to get out and have a good time again. Well just last weekend, I joined more than 100 of my closest friends and classmates as we had a good time helping to shoot Kellogg’s first ever LipDub video.

In retrospect, the video experience may turn out to be one of the most interesting things of the year.  The video was created by my good Josh Eddy, who I originally met on KWEST Mystery Trip prior to Kellogg. Josh plays the drums for the school band here at Kellogg. But this time he decided to use his creative and musical skills not just for musical entertainment, but instead to put a LipDub video together.

So Josh created the idea, assembled a team of creative students to be directors, brought a large number of Kellogg students to play in the video, and over the course of a few weeks organized Kellogg’s first ever LipDub, which took place right inside of Jacobs.

Click here to see the video.

Click here to see Josh’s profile on LinkedIn.

Click here to learn more about what  LipDub is.

Also, note that I have a couple of cameos at:

  1. 23 – 31 seconds
  2. 1:52 – 1:58 (in background)
  3. 3:28 – 3:37

In all the scenes, I am playing the lumberjack in the red shirt.


Enjoy the video!



4 Responses to “Kellogg School of Management LipDub 2011”

  1. @Key Thanks! And who knows, maybe it will be a nice segmway into a new industry neither business or law works out!!

  2. Key says:

    LOL! That was super great!! *2 thumbs up* for the lumberjack! :)

  3. @Joshua Eddy Josh,

    Thanks for posting here. The video was outstanding and I look forward to doing another one with you next year.


    See Josh’s interview with BeatTheGMAT here.

  4. Joshua Eddy says:

    It seemed that despite running from scene to scene, everybody had a great time and excellent bonding experience. I hope we will do another next year.

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