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Need To Get Organized and Get Things Done

Clutter. We’ve all complained about it before. Between running from meeting to meeting, to getting bogged down by emails and voice mails, we all have to figure out how to manage clutter. And that’s especially true in business school, where the number of meetings is higher and where emails drop into your inbox by the second. And for me and my classmates now, we feel the urgency to organize and finally start getting things done because just one week from now, we’ll all be taking final exams.

When you start seeing all this clutter, doing nothing is not an option. Being passive will only lead to more clutter and eventually make things worse. But what can you do when there is little to remove it?  Well, that is the big question; and the question that I’m also asking. Because in today’s society, where things are moving fast, we’re all getting more involved, and where more information exists, there is also more clutter.

That’s also true here in business school. Classes purposefully give you too much information. Too many pages to read. Too many other things to think about. And very little time to do it all.  So is this a good thing or a bad thing?

In some ways it’s a good thing, as it teaches you how to prioritize, how to make decisions, and how to act in the midst of uncertainty.  On the other hand, you might argue that it also gets you used to not doing full due diligence. It puts you under unnecessarily stressful conditions. And teaches you how make uninformed decisions, rather than though out one.

Hard to say which one is more correct. But either way, finals are looming. I need get organized and focus on getting a few things done, so I can be successful.

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    @Chris Thanks Chris!

  2. Chris
    March 4th, 2011 at 17:09 | #2

    Good luck with your exams

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