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Despite the enormous amounts of time we’re all spending with recruiting activities, we all still have to partake in the academic experience of business school.  That not only means going to class, doing the problem sets, and taking exams, but it also means choosing classes for the following quarters. While in many cases that are easy, sometimes it can prove to be a bit more challenging, especially for those in the JD-MBA program at Kellogg.

With the spring term on the horizon, it’s finally time to bid for spring quarter classes. And we don’t have much time left! Bids are due today at noon, about 30 minutes from now, and a number  of us are sitting in the LSR (ie loud study room) right now, figuring out exactly what to do – deciding which classes we want, figuring out what we want to bid on each class, planning our classes to align with our schedules, and submitting are bids in the Kellogg system online.

One class I’m considering is Entrepreneurial Finance. On one hand, it’s probably the most popular class here on campus. Taught by professor Rogers, the class comes together every Tuesday night to discuss how to become an entrepreneur and what the financial implications are to the business – business valuation, cash flows, and raising capital.

Another class I’m considering is entirely new to Kellogg called Comprehensive Perspectives of Leading a Sports Entity by “Professor” Phillips.  Just last year, Phillips became Northwestern University’s 21st director of intercollegiate athletics and recreation, and this particular course explores many of the various departments and constituencies of a sports organization from his perspective.

In general, most students hope to have a bit more fun in the spring. After two grueling quarters of fighting through the core, struggling to learn Accounting and Finance, tirelessly searching for summer jobs, and hiking through the frigid cold weather to get to class at Jacobs, it sounds like students want to spend a lot more time enjoying the business school experience in the spring.

The scheduling is a bit trickier for JD-MBAs who have less time at Kellogg so have to think about each class a bit more closely. Since we have less overall time at Kellogg than our two year classmates, and since the administration encourages us to get at least one major this year, during our “Kellogg year” we have to be a bit more focused with our class selection.

In my case, I’m pretty highly leveraged with my bids. I have one class that will help satisfy two major requirements and a second class that will satisfy a third. Likewise, I also have one class that for me is the one class that I really wanted to get during my time at Kellogg. Hopefully my classes work out for the best.

Stay tuned to hear more about the results.

Friday, February 18th, 2011 Business School

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