Congratulations Kellogg 2012 Round 1 Admits

For the last two or three days, I’ve been getting periodic requests from folks to join the Kellogg class of 2012 group on Facebook, but just today I’ve been flooded with them. This must mean that acceptances have finally started rolling out, which is pretty big news. I’m writing here just to send a quick congratulations to everyone who has been accepted so far, because many of you will be my classmates next year. Although I’m currently at Northwestern now, as a JD-MBA student, I don’t actually matriculate at Kellogg until the Fall of 2010, so I’m actually part of the class of 2012. For those of you who are seriously considering Kellogg, you should definitely make sure you come to Day at Kellogg (DAK) in February to check out the campus and meet your potential classmates before making your final decision. I went to DAK last year and had a really good time. I also plan to go this year, so be sure to keep a look out for me on campus when you are there.

Best of luck to everyone still waiting out admissions decisions ! I know from experience that waiting often feels like the hardest part of the process.

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009 Business School


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[...] off, “congratulations again on your acceptance to Kellogg.” I hope and suspect you’ve taken a huge sigh of relief, started planning spring break [...]

[...] to Kellogg’s DAK weekend and had a blast. Likewise, I also went to DAK 1 earlier this year (click here to see my post on DAK 1) to meet the new crop of admits, and plan to come out for DAK 2 this year [...]

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